So I had the strangest dream last night (smash bros. related)

First part there was about to be a big announcement for Smash 4 by Miyamoto and everyone was getting really hyped and excited and the big announcement turned out to be… Dark Mario (not like Shadow Mario, but a completely dark Mario much like Dark Link from OoT) who happened to be a clone of Bowser Jr. (fighting in the Koopa Clown Car for some reason). As you can imagine this caused a lot of chaos and people were upset.

Second part I was at a GameStop and I noticed a box for a new game that was going to be released. It was a new WWE game and the main character was none other than… Lucas. I think the game was going to be surprisingly story driven and would explain why he didn’t appear in the new Smash.

So yeah… exciting stuff.





Hi guys! 

So I know I normally don’t post personal things here but I thought I would just try to make this post anyway:

As of right now, I am in debt.
  When I bought my car, I had to get it inspected and to make a long story short we had to get a lot of repairs on my car so it would pass the inspection, so I could meet up to MVA standards and get my license. Unfortunately for me and my family, we don’t exactly have $1,200 dollars lying around and my mother had to take money out of her school admission funds to pay for my repairs. What does that mean? It means that if I don’t pay my mom back within the next two weeks, she cannot register for school.This means a lot to my mom, and I want to pay her back as much as I possibly can. I do work full time, but it’s just not cutting it as I do pay for my own expenses/bills such as my car payment,gas, food, etc. and I’ve managed to pay her back $800 dollars..but time is running out, and I really need to get this paid off so my mom can finish her masters program and become a nurse practitioner like she’s always dreamed of. 

SO. I’ve decided to open up commissions for the time being! And I would be forever grateful and appreciative of those of you who decide to commission me. And even if you can’t afford it right now, I would still extremely appreciate it if you guys could signal boost and maybe if enough people reblog it I can make just enough money to pay my mom back so she can go to school this fall. 

  If you’re interested in commissioning me; feel free to drop me a line here on tumblr via ask/fan mail or email me at and if you would like to see more examples of my work or would like something else done (exp: tattoo design) , please do not hesitate to ask!!

-Pretty much anything; OC’s, Fanart, OTP’s, all that good stuff. 
- OC character reference sheets! I forgot to include an example of this, but feel free to message me and I can send you an example of what it would look like, and we can work out a price from there. 

-NSFW, sorry guys. 
-Furry/Anthro’s (DEPENDING ON THE DESIGN, PLEASE ASK AND SEND ME A REFERENCE!!) If the character has more animal characteristics, I will have to decline. I don’t like lying to people, and will fully admit I am not very good at drawing animals. I would rather straight up mention this now, rather than giving a client a not so great drawing, sorry guys.

PAYMENT: Paypal. I only take paypal, unless you know me IRL and can give me the cash IN PERSON, than that’s fine. Otherwise, Paypal it is, and I will give out my paypal email. ALSO, I would greatly prefer if I’m paid before the job is done. For example, I do not want to waste my time drawing someone a sketch and then have them suddenly back out of payment at the very last possible second. However, if something happens on my end, I will give you a full refund. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that I do work a full time job, which means I work five days a week. I generally get sketches done pretty quickly, however, it would be greatly appreciated if I am given at least a week to five days to finish the product so everything is perfect, clean, and to your liking! 

 Thank you very much for your time, and I hope y’all have a great day and consider me as an option for a commissioner!

sorry to clog up ur dash but pls signal boost!!!!!!!!

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